Today's digital world can be a scary, and sometimes dangerous, place.  Don't go it alone, tread safe with the same endpoint security protection the businesses use: managed antivirus/antimalware service powered by Bitdefender, a world-leader in security software solutions.  Our Bitdefender endpoint security solution gives you the security and protection you expect, at a fraction of the cost of other software and with no negative impact on your computer's performance.  With advanced threat detection and heuristics, you can browse the web knowing that you're protected against even the most nefarious of computer viruses.  At a low cost of just $30 per year, you too can enjoy the comfort of a safe digital world enjoyed by businesses world-wide.  Best of all: sign up today for a free 30-day, risk-free trial with no credit card required at sign-up.  You don't even have to uninstall your old antivirus: we'll do that for you!

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